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International English School in Wonju, South Korea offers a complete English immersion program from ABCs to full fluency & preparation for university, TOEFL, ACT & SAT. Our students study math, science, social studies, reading, writing, grammar, drama, speech & communications all in English. Classes are limited to a maximum of 5. Only serious students are accepted. Students are expected to do homework daily. Our library offers thousands of English books, audio & video rooms for reading practice, books on tape, and over 11,000 American TV programs & movies. Our teachers are all native English speakers. Classes are in English only. Use of Korean is not allowed. Speech, theater & communications classes produce videos & perform in our mini-theater & on stage in our auditorium. Our students have been accepted at top universities incl: Alabama, Calvin, Columbia, Duke, KAIST, Maryland, Minnesota, Oxford, Purdue, RISD, Seoul Nat. U, SUNY-Buffalo, Texas-Dallas, Wheaton & Wisconsin.

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Wonju, South Korea